Publication list

11. "Optical chemical barcoding based on polarization controlled plasmonic nanopixels,"  
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10. "Optical chirality from dark-field illumination of planar plasmonic nanostructures,"  
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    Laser & Photonics Reviews
 11,1700216 (2017). [link][pdf][SI_pdf][bibtex]

9. "Plasmonic edge states: an electrostatic eigenmode description,"  
    Daniel E. Gomez*, Yongsop Hwang, Jiao Lin, Timothy J. Davis, and Ann Roberts,
    ACS photonics 
4, 1607 (2017). [link][pdf][SI_pdf][bibtex]

8. "Optical metasurfaces for subwavelength difference operations,"  
    Yongsop Hwang, and Timothy J. Davis*,
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7. "Dependence of Q factor on surface roughness in a plasmonic cavity," 
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    Yongsop Hwang, and Hong-Gyu Park*,
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5. "Electrically driven nanobeam laser,"
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4. "Metal­-coated silicon nanowire plasmonic waveguides,"
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3. "Frequency selective metal-insulator-metal splitters for surface plasmons,"
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2. "Plasmonic stop band formation in a metal-insulator-metal ring with a narrow gap,"
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1. "Frequency selective heterojunction metal-insulator-metal mirror for surface plasmons,"
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*Corresponding author

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